Dragon Boat Festival Marked in Miluo

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At 8:30 on June 25, the ¡°Our Festival-Duanwu¡± Miluo City Quyuan Cultural Park Tour and Dragon Boat Show (cloud Duanwu) began.

According to the current epidemic prevention and control situation, this year¡¯s opening ceremony was simplified and the ¡°on-site + cloud¡± method was adopted for the first time, in a bid to strictly control the number of on-site visitors.

After the brief yet solemn ceremony of paying tribute to Qu Yuan and offering sacrifices to the Dragon God, the first 12-person Dragon Boat Show in Quyuan Cultural Park started. Thirty-two folk teams across the province and the Miluo natives competed fiercely on the Xiangcao Lake.

The park-touring included a series of activities such as a land dragon boat competition, the role-playing costumes presentation, the fun-oriented off-road, and the drum flower show performance. Between June 25 and 27, visitors enjoyed the world's intangible cultural heritage-Dragon Boat Festival folklore at Quyuan Cultural Park, appreciated the thousand years romance of Chu Kingdom, traced the source of Chinese culture, and had a Dragon Boat Festival feast.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang
Chinese source: hunan.gov.cn