Vice Governor Wu Inspects Yueyang¡¯s Epidemic Prevention and Control, Tourism Restoration

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On June 23, Vice Governor Wu Guiying came to Yueyang to inspect epidemic prevention and control and restoration of tourism. Yueyang Mayor Li Aiwu, Vice Mayor Li Wei, Secretary General Liu Chuanhan, and relevant department heads participated.

Vice Governor Wu and her entourage visited the pre-screening outpatient clinic and the testing and sampling center of the Huarong County People's Hospital and the Huarong County Center for Disease Control and Prevention, to check and learn more about the COVID-19 prevention and control on an ongoing basis. She spoke highly of the measures taken for the Huarong County epidemic prevention and control work and the results achieved. She emphasized that there are new changes in the current epidemic prevention and control situation. It is necessary to deeply understand the long-term, complex, and severe nature of epidemic prevention and control; always maintain a high degree of vigilance; and continue to scientifically and effectively do well in normal pandemic prevention and control. Medical institutions should give full play to the role of "sentinel", to achieve timely detection, rapid disposal, precise control, and effective treatment, so as to protect people's lives and health, she added.

She then went to He Changgong Memorial Hall, Zhang Guying Ancient Building Complex, and Quyuan Culture Park to check out the prevention and control measures of the epidemic situation in various scenic spots and the restoration of tourism. At present, strict anti-epidemic measures have been taken in various tourist attractions. Citizens and tourists are required to show their health codes and undergo a temperature check. They must pass the temperature check and verify their identity before entering the park.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang
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