Hunan Agricultural Products Become Best Sellers During ¡°618¡± Online Shopping Festival

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The annual ¡°618¡± (June 18) e-commerce shopping festival brought warmth to the people after the COVID-19 epidemic. Many Hunan agricultural products, such as Jiangyong summer orange, Xiangxi rice cake, and Longhui lily, were best sellers on e-commerce platforms. He Liquan, Ningxiang City vice mayor, went into a livestream room on the ¡°Buy Together¡± e-commerce platform to recommend brand diapers.

According to the ¡°Buy Together¡± e-commerce platform data, since the platform officially launched the ¡°618 Promotion¡± on May 25, the sales volume of agricultural products orders whose business addresses are in Hunan has increased by 230% year on year. Among them, more than 10 kinds of summer cool liqueurs, rice wines, and bayberry wines from Huaihua and other places witnessed sales peak, and were on the best-selling list of related specialty drinks.

Hunan is the cluster of many diaper brands. These local brands have gradually expanded to the whole country through e-commerce platforms while expanding their regional markets. Hunan diaper brands such as ¡°Lovely¡± and ¡°I¡¯m tiny times¡± occupied the top position in ¡°Buy Together¡± sales list during the ¡°618 Promotion¡±, and the orders of various single products on the platform currently amounted to more than 100,000.

During the ¡°618¡± online shopping festival, what did Hunan people buy the most? ¡°Buy Together¡± data showed that among the orders whose delivery addresses are in Hunan Province, the top categories included women¡¯s clothing, men¡¯s clothing, food, mobile phones, appliances, and cosmetics. According to the platform analysis, due to the impact of lifestyle changes during the epidemic prevention and control period, consumers' habit of purchasing agricultural products, vegetables, fruits, and meat online began to develop, and online demand has maintained steady growth.

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