Miluo Takes One-stop Newborn Registration Measures

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The opening ceremony of ˇ°one-stopˇ± newborns registration in Miluo City was held at the Miluo Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital on June 17, 2020. In the future, eligible newborns in Miluo City will enjoy one-stop service when handling five major issues: birth medical certificate, household registration, basic medical insurance registration for urban and rural residents, vaccination certificate, and child health care manual. Lin Zhixue, CPC Miluo Municipal Standing Committee member and executive vice mayor, and the principal person in charge of the Miluo Municipal Health Bureau, unveiled the comprehensive window in the hospital.

It was learned that, in the past, after the birth of a newborn, parents must go to midwifery hospital, local police station, village (community) service center, and vaccination site to handle related matters. Nowadays, newborn babies born in the Miluo Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, the Miluo People's Hospital, and the Miluo Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital can enjoy a one-stop service in the midwifery hospital if they comply with the city's settlement and urban and rural residents' basic medical insurance registration policies. The joint handling, one-window, and one-time certificate collection service will enable the processing time limit within 2 working days in principle. Some families with special circumstances can also enjoy the ˇ°bed serviceˇ±, which is handled by the window staff in the ward.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang
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