Hunan Delegates Submit 19 Proposals and 545 Suggestions

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Hunan deputies to the ongoing third session of the 13th National People¡¯s Congress (NPC) have submitted 19 proposals and raised 545 suggestions, according to the latest information from the Hunan delegation on May 26. There were two more proposals put forward this year than last year, increasing by 11.8%; and, the number of the suggestions is 50 more than last year, up 10.1%. 

There are 18 legislation and one supervision proposals, concerning legal system improvement, law enforcement supervision, wildlife protection, infectious disease prevention and treatment, and land management.

The deputies raised suggestions centering on national and Hunan¡¯s hot, difficult, and key issues in economic and social development, and based on their practical work and public concerns. They focused on the tasks to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects and win the battle against poverty; and, ensure stability on the six fronts and security in the six areas. The key points included consolidating the poverty eradication results; promoting agricultural modernization; implementing rural revitalization strategy; strengthening financial support to high-quality development; optimizing industrial and supply chains; and, improving the public health emergency response and management system. These suggestions are based on scientific analysis, and workable.

In spite of the epidemic, Hunan deputies had conducted wide surveys and listened to the public opinions before the session. During the session, they discussed and further improved the proposals and suggestions according to national overall situations and Hunan¡¯s practical development. Enhancement in both quantity and quality has been achieved.