Yueyang Launches Summer Consumer Promotion Activities

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In order to reduce the impact of COVID-19 epidemic and promote consumer purchasing and economic development, Yueyang City will launch a series of city-wide consumer activities, beginning in May.

1. IDOL ※Tik Tok§ Video Promotion (May 28 每 June 28)
The theme is ※Cheer for Our Yueyang!§ The video promotion aims to stimulate consumer activity, strengthen enterprise confidence, and revitalize the city.

2. Sales Promotion (May 28 每 July 28)
Supermarkets, stores, shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels in the central areas will offer coupons and discounts to promote increased consumer activity.

3. ※Mobile Pay§ Promotion (May 1 每 July 31)
The China UnionPay Hunan Branch and the China UnionPay Merchant Services Yueyang Division, together with banks in Yueyang, collaborate with supermarkets, restaurants and hotels, convenience stores, and petrol stations, to provide coupons via the UnionPay App. Consumers can enjoy discounts through various mobile payments such as card swipe, scanning codes, and facial recognition.

4. 2020 ※Yueyang Crayfish§ Promotion (May 22 每 26)
Yueyang crayfish will be promoted online with new media. Hundreds of restaurants will provide free crayfish based on the principle of voluntary participation to strengthen crayfish industry and promote consumption.

5. Sixth Yueyang Indoor C-class Auto Expo (May 21 每 24)

6. Yueyang Special Snack Promotion (May 19 每 June 28)
Restaurants and street food in Nanhu New Area will organize an entire day of online and offline activities in indoor and outdoor venues to promote Yueyang special snacks and to boost catering industry development.

7. ※Tik Tok§ Livestream (May 21 每 June 19)
Three internet celebrities, each having 5 million followers, and two enterprises have been invited to livestream Yueyang tourism resources, specialties and cuisines, and to to attract more visitors and consumers.

8. Tourism Promotion (May 19 每 July 15)
Some scenic areas and hotels will provide free tickets. The ※恅藏埬栠§ WeChat discount will offer coupons, admission tickets to sights and hotel rooms which are available until July 15. 

9. Targeted Poverty-relief Consumption Promotion (May 28 每 July 28)

Special and quality products produced in lower-income areas will be promoted at special booths in supermarkets and hotels and on e-commercial platforms. This will enhance targeted poverty alleviation while helping commercial companies to increase profit and revitalizing consumer market.

Translator: Pang Yuehui
Chinese source: yueyang.gov.cn