2020 Hunan Cultural Tourism Expo to Open

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The Information Office of Hunan Provincial People¡¯s Government held a press conference on May 19. It announced that, the 2020 Hunan (International) Culture and Tourism Industry Expo, and also a Culture and Tourism Facility Exhibition, will be held at the Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center in Changsha between June 10 and 21.

The theme is ¡°Splendid Hunan, Quality Cultural Tourism¡±. The Expo will present Hunan¡¯s achievements in culture and tourism integrated development, set up an exchange platform, and display new forms of culture and tourism industry such as tourism investment, smart tourism, cultural and creative animation, and finance-aided cultural tourism.

The total area of the Expo is nearly 40,000 square meters. There are 6 themed zones respectively presenting Hunan¡¯s cultural tourism images, cultural tourism facilities, China¡¯s and International recommended tourism routes, new forms of cultural tourism, cultural and tourism products, and cultural tourism-oriented poverty alleviation achievements.

At the poverty alleviation achievement zone, product promotion, cultural performances and traditional handicraft shows will be staged to present Hunan¡¯s poverty relief through developing cultural tourism. Twelve cultural and ecotourism routes in the great western Hunan will be recommended.

At the cultural tourism product zone, more than 100 travel agencies and 200 cultural tourism commodity sellers and featured catering enterprises will provide one-stop purchasing services for visitors. Nearly 100 new motor homes will be displayed at the 10,000-sqm outside exhibition area with multiple discounts offered. 

During the Expo, seven main events will be held, including a Hunan Culture and Tourism Investment and Financing Meeting; Night of Splendid Hunan; Conference on Promotion and Application of New Technology in Smart Cultural Tourism; and, Press Conference for Investigation Report on Hunan¡¯s B&B Development.

Translator: Wu Lirong

Chinese source: hn.xinhuanet.com