Five More Public Bus Lines Resume Operation

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Since more and more enterprises resumed work and production, there are five more bus lines in Yueyang central urban areas resuming operation, to meet the travel needs of citizens.

The bus lines resumed on March 21 include No. 39, 2, 16, and 31. On March 22, No. 27 bus line will resume operation. By then, 27 bus lines will be restored in downtown areas.

Zhang Hong, director of the operation and production department of the Yueyang Municipal Public Transport Group Co., Ltd., said, ˇ°Now our main line vehicles have increased from 101 to 166. Lines with relatively large passenger flow have increased to more than half of the original line vehicles. In the future, we will continue to increase according to changes in passenger flow to meet the travel needs of citizens.ˇ±

In addition, starting from today, citizens will no longer have their temperature checked when taking the bus, but every citizen paying coin or cash will still need to scan the WeChat QR code to ensure that real-name rides can be traced.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang
Chinese source: Yueyang Daily