11 Major Projects in Miluo City Start Production

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On March 18, 11 industrial and supporting projects in the Miluo Circular Economy Industrial Park, including Huaxiao Aluminum Industry and Zhensong Industrial Park, started operation. It marked Miluo City stepped up industry-oriented development and ˇ°100 Billion CNY Parkˇ± construction.

These 11 key projects, including polymer materials, aluminum precision processing, and other industries, have a total investment of 3.16 billion CNY. It was expected that 7 projects will be completed and put into production this year, and they will achieve an annual tax of 919 million CNY.

The Miluo Circular Economy Industrial Park aims at 100 billion CNY park construction featured with ˇ°economy, quality, and efficiencyˇ±. It focuses on the three major industrial chains of non-ferrous metal new materials deep processing, polymer materials, and electronic information. It is also to build a high-speed rail new town and advance three major projects. The park strives to achieve a general income of 76 billion CNY in technology, industry, and trade; total tax revenue of 1.75 billion CNY; complete fixed asset investment of 10 billion CNY; and, add 20 new enterprises above designated size in 2020.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang

Chinese source: hunan.gov.cn