Yueyang Has One More National Business Incubator

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The Torch High Technology Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology recently announced the 2019 annual list of national sci-tech enterprise incubators. The Yueyang Chenglingji Harbor Industrial New Area Sci-tech Entrepreneurship Service Center made the list. It is Yueyang¡¯s second national level business incubator, after the Hunan Hailiang Incubator Co., Ltd.

A national business incubator is necessary for a national hi-tech zone. The approval of this national incubator will facilitate the application and approval of the Yueyang Harbor Hi-tech Industrial New Zone to ascend to national level. The zone, as a national incubator, and the companies settled in it, will obtain national financial and tax supports.

The Harbor Industrial New Area Sci-tech Entrepreneurship Service Center was founded in May 2011. In recent years, it has implemented Hunan and Yueyang¡¯s rules on supporting high-quality development of private economy. It has been centering on sci-tech enterprises¡¯ demands, orienting to building an ecological and intelligent platform, and created a new entrepreneurship incubation pattern integrating information, service, innovation, and capital chains. As of now, it has helped 21 companies get off the ground, and 68 tenants in the program. It has fostered 13 hi-tech companies, created 1,225 jobs, and attracted more than 30 third-party service agencies and 30 million CNY of incubation capitals.

Translator: Pang Yuehui
Chinese source: yueyang.gov.cn