Universal Electronic Toll Collection Coming to Hunan Expressway Toll Stations

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The Hunan Expressway Network Toll Collection Center (HENTCC) announced on November 24 that, as of November 18, there were about 5.75 million provincial expressway Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) users. Beginning January 1 next year, toll stations across the province primarily rely on ETC. Toll stations will have only one manual/ ETC hybrid lane. Drivers are recommended to install ETC on their vehicles as soon as possible.

¡°During the transitional period before the start of the nationwide network charging next year, some expressway toll stations in Hunan province may have some short delays in the ETC lanes. I hope that the majority of drivers and passengers will understand and support the changeover,¡± said Deng Xiang, HENTCC deputy director. Presently, the province is rapidly dismantling 25 provincial toll stations and carrying out a nationwide joint adjustment and testing program and a system upgrade for the other expressway toll stations with ETC systems.

Starting from January 1 next year, the national expressway toll collection model will undergo fundamental changes. A charging pattern will be formed with ETC lanes as the mainstay and artificial lanes as the supplement.

At that time, in order to ease owner access to provincial expressways, they are suggested to install the ETC as soon as possible. Owners can apply at bank outlets on-site, or through some bank APPs and WeChat applets.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang
Chinese source: hunan.gov.cn