China-South Korea Modern Art Exchange Exhibition Opens

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A ˇ°Compatibilityˇ±-themed China-South Korea Modern Art Exchange Exhibition opened at the Yueyang Daguan Art Museum on September 6, 2019. Nine South Korean and 18 Chinese artists exchange their views on modern art. This was the first activity of such kind in Yueyang. 

Visitors crowded the exhibition venue. The artistic works are in various forms and distinctive styles, including lacquer paintings, works made of propylene pigment and ramie, and multiple equipment and materials usage.
This exhibition was initiated by South Korean artists Jang Back-Soon and Guanda Art Museum curator Tang Xinyu. It aims to facilitate China-South Korea art exchange to contribute to the cultural development of the two countries.

The exhibition will open freely until October 22.

Translator: Pang Yuehui
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