Hunan Athletes Attending the China's 10th National Paralympic Games and the 7th National Special Olympics Make Triumph Return

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Hunan athletes for the China's 10th National Paralympic Games and the 7th National Special Olympics delegation, made a triumphant return on September 3, 2019. The delegation won 41.5 gold medals, 21 silver medals, 24 bronze medals, and 1 gold medal in team event at the Paralympic Games; and 22 gold, 27 silver and 18 bronze medals, and the sportsmanship award in the Special Olympics. The delegates have shown greatly in athletic performance and spiritual civilization.

Hunan delegation has gotten more medals than previous years, especially at the Paralympic Games, which is 5.5 more than the Ninth Sessioní»s 36 gold medals. It reflected the good momentum of the continuous development of competitive sports for the disabled in Hunan.

Hunan athletes had outstanding performance in the track and field events at the games. They broke the world record once, Asian record twice, and national record 4 times. It showed the Hunan athletesí» spiritsí¬be brave to meet difficulties and challenge themselves. In the blind judo event, six Hunan athletes won four gold medals, accounting for a quarter of the total 18 gold medals of the entire judo event, reflecting a high level of team competitiveness.

It was said that the next National Paralympic Games and Special Olympics will be integrated with the National Games, considering the time and venue matters. And the next session will be held in advance to 2021.

Li Yuehua, a coach of the blind judo in Hunan province, believed that it is important to learn from the games and try to find the shortcomings and make up for them. Great attentions should be paid to training and strategic arrangement of the follow-up teams of the disabled athletes.