Hunan Railway Summer Travel Peak Ends

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The 62-day summer travel peak ended August 31. The Changsha South Railway Station announced on September 1 that during the travel peak period between July 1 and August 31, Hunaní»s 18 high-speed railway stations had handled 14.96 million passenger trips, an increase of 21.5% over last year and a new high.

Changsha South Railway Station had more than 8.06 million passenger trips, up 19.3%. There was a daily average of nearly 500 trains in operation. 

The China Railway Guangzhou Group announced that, during this period, the number of passenger trips on railways under its supervision, which includes Guangdong, Hunan, and Hainan exceeded 100 million and reached 107 million trips, up 15.5%. About 70% of the trips were on high-speed trains. 

Hunaní»s high-speed rail had a record number of passenger trips during this period also. The peak for its 18 high-speed railway stations was on August 5 when there were 266,000 trips.

The Changsha South Railway Stationí»s peak was on August 19, when 145,000 trips were made.

It operated 15,244.5 pairs of trains during the period, nearly 500 trains per day on average.

As the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday approaches, and travel peak will occur. As of 18:00 on September 1, tickets for September 12 (Mid-Autumn Day eve) to hot domestic destinations such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, and to the Loudi, Shaoyang, and Huaihua cities were in great demand. 

Beginning September 2, passengers can book train tickets for the National Day (October 1) via internet and phone. Tickets for September 30 are now in great demand. It is recommend that those seeking to travel make arrangements as early as possible.