Huawei and New Kingpo Projects Settle in Chenglingji New Port Area

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A signing ceremony of the Chenglingji New Port Area with Huawei¡¯s high-end manufacturing project, and the New Kingpo Group¡¯s self-owned brand project was held on August 2, 2019. CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee Secretary Liu Hesheng, and municipal leaders Xu Xinchu, Xiang Weixiong, Xiong Wei, Tan Zhenghong, Qiu Hong, Liu Xiaoying, and Lu Xianming were present. Simon Shen, president of New Kinpo Group, and management of themanagement leader of the  Chenglingji New Port Area signed the agreement on behalf of the two parties.

Huawei¡¯s high-end manufacturing project included in the agreement will allocate its seven products in the Chenglingji New Port Area at earlier stage. When the supporting facilities of the industrial chain are ready, some high-end products such as 5G base stations will be set, to develop Yueyang into a significant city in Huawei¡¯s strategic layout.

New Kingpo¡¯s project includes intelligent robots, semiconductor, industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing, XYZ printing, and Yueyang AI healthcare and beauty big data innovation center. New Kingpo¡¯s Yueyang operation and R&D centers will be constructed. The project will occupy an area of 1,018 mu (about 68 ha.), with a total investment of 10 billion CNY. Trial production will begin at the end of this year. The estimated annual output at design capacity is nearly 100 billion CNY.

Secretary Liu talked with Simon Shen ahead of the signing ceremony. Liu remarked that, the project at the Chenglingji New Port Area will lay a solid foundation for Yueyang to develop an electronic information industrial cluster with an output value of 100 billion CNY. Yueyang governments will continue to support the project.

The Chenglingji New Port Area and all the department concerned should make proper arrangement based on the schedule, intensify responsibilities, closely coordinate with each other, and improve service efficiency, in a bid to push forward project progress. Simon Shen appreciated Yueyang government¡¯s supports. He expected to, based on existing cooperation, develop the group¡¯s self-developed brands in Yueyang, to achieve common development, and contribute to Yueyang¡¯s urban construction.

Translator: Pang Yuehui
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