Yueyang Promotes Culture and Tourism at Beijing Expo 2019

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The Yueyang Culture and Tourism Roadshow was held at the Beijing Expo 2019 on July 9. The 2019 Free Summer Trip in Yueyang for Beijing Residents was launched.

The roadshow began with a performance ¡°Welcome to Yueyang¡±. A promotion video showing Yuyang¡¯s picturesque landscape and delicious lake dishes enchanted the audiences from home and abroad. Baling opera ¡°I am from Yueyang¡±, flower-dram opera ¡°Liu Hai Cuts Firewood¡±, folk song ¡°Dongting Lake, a land of fish and rice¡±, and performances with Yueyang characteristics were applauded by the audiences.

During the event, Yueyang reached cooperation agreements with Beijing Laugh the Sunset Club, and the Chinese mobile giant JD.com. A highlight event ¡°2019 ¡®Belt and Road¡¯ International Lovers Meet on Chinese Love Island ¨C Junshan Island¡±, collaborated with the Laugh the Sunset Club, was launched. 

Between July 1 and August 31, Beijing residents with valid identity certificates can visit Yueyang¡¯s nearly 40 AAA-and-above-level scenic spots, which are involved in the ¡°Free Summer Tour in Yueyang¡± event, free of charge. 

The scenic spots involved in the ¡°Free Summer Tour in Yueyang¡± event:

National AAAAA scenic spots:
Yueyang Tower, Junshan Island

National AAAA scenic spots:
Shiniu Village National Geological Park, Ren Bishi Memorial Hall, Quzi Cultural Park, Nanhu Lake Sheng¡¯an Temple, Junshan Wild Lotus World, Zhang Guying Village, Pingjiang Uprising Memorial Hall, Tianyue Mufu Mountain National Forest Park, and Yangsha Lake International Tourism Resort

National AAA scenic spots:
Dufu Tomb Memorial Hall, Tuolong Gorge, Xiangu Rock ¨C Red Army Camp, Amazon Jungle Water Park, Fushou Mountain, Lianyun Mountain Gorge, Pude Cultural Park, Xichang Scenic Area, Yuyang 6501 Scenic Area, Wujian Mountain National Forest Park, Shisan Village Food Cultural Park, He Changgong Memorial Hall, Fu¡¯erkang Cotton Cultural Park, Dayun Mountain National Forest Park, Xiangsi Mountain Resort, Liubei Cave Gorge, Longshan Flowers World, Zuo Zongtang Cultural Park, Xiangyin Nanquan Temple, Bilong Gorge, Xiangyin Liuzhuang Resort, Donghu Lake National Wetland Park, and Qingxi Provincial Forest Park

Translator: Pang Yueyang
Chinese source: Yueyang News