Secretary Liu Visits Huarong County

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On July 9, Liu Hesheng, CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee secretary, went to Huarong County to inspect industrial projects construction and rural human settlements renovation. He emphasized that in accordance with the requirements of CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee, the county government should ˇ°grab the key points, create highlights, prevent risks, and focus on major aspectsˇ±. He asked to continuously overcome formalism and bureaucracy; promote project construction; make big breakthroughs; accelerate countryside revitalization; and, achieve the high-quality development of county economy. Tan Zhenghong, CPC Yueyang Municipal Standing Committee member and secretary-general, accompanied him on the tour.

Secretary Liu said, ˇ°The economic work foundation lies in the entities, projects, and industries. We must always place industrial projects in a crucial position, pay close attention to actual results, and accelerate the new pattern construction of modern industries.ˇ± He noted the cotton spinning industry in Huarong County has unique advantages, and called for attaching great importance to the expansion abilities of the existing enterprises and to attracting investment through business channels. He expected to introduce and cultivate a group of downstream enterprises with rapid growth. They should extend the industrial chain and strive to turn the county from a cotton spinning powerhouse to clothing industrial one.

It is necessary to concentrate on such projects as China Resources Snow Breweries, China Energy Huarong Power Plant, and Menghua Railway Coal Base, and focus on ˇ°one-on-oneˇ± joint assistance, to solve problems and speed up project construction. We should allocate the park team personnel, invigorate the park mechanism, revitalize the park elements, improve the industrial agglomeration, and increase the return on investment, he added.

Secretary Liu also examined the flood control work on the same day. He pointed out that the current flood discharge in the Three Gorges has increased, and the water supply from the Xiangjiang, Zijiang, and Yuanshui Rivers have greatly raised. The Hunan provincial flood emergency response has been upgraded to Grade III, and the flood control situation is complicated and severe. He requested to always get ready for flood prevention and disaster relief, strictly implement the flood control responsibility system, and strengthen emergency duty and monitoring and early warning, to ensure safety during the flood season.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang
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