Hunan Project Deals Worth 500 Million CNY Inked at Beijing Expo 2019

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The Hunan Provincial People¡¯s Government held a Hunan Investment Promotion Conference on July 7. It was part of the ¡®Hunan Day¡¯ event of the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition (Beijing Expo 2019). A total of 284 commercial logistics, tourism, agricultural development, and new small towns projects were announced. Six project deals worth about 500 million CNY were inked.

The Hunan Provincial Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department, Forestry Department, and Culture and Tourism Department promoted Hunan tea, camellia oil, and tourism resources respectively. The Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce gave a brief on Hunan opening-up-oriented economic growth and announced a number of projects to attract investment and related preferential policies.

Hunan has a full range of industrial sectors, including competitive engineering machinery, rail transit, and non-ferrous metals industries. Hunan has a strong scientific and technological educational system which has resulted in a number of the world¡¯s leading scientific and technological achievements such as hybrid rice and the Tianhe-1 supercomputer. Hunan has a solid foundation for industrial development. It is an important grain producer in southern China. Its rice, ramie, camellia oil, and citrus yields are among the nation¡¯s top. Hunan is known as the ¡°land of fish and rice¡± and as a ¡°tourist destination¡±. It is home to many popular scenic spots, such as Zhangjiajie¡¯s Wulingyuan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Shaoshan, Chairman Mao Zedong¡¯s hometown, and the millennium-old Yuelu Academy. In 2018, 753 million trips (about 2 million per day) were made by domestic and foreign tourists in Hunan, generating revenue of more than 835 billion CNY.

The promotional conference was an important platform for Hunan companies to communicate with and learn from other participating domestic and foreign enterprises. It helped them to understand each other's new economic development policies and foreign investment trends. It also provided important opportunities for deepening mutual exchanges and for cooperation in various fields. The participating enterprises will cooperate in wider areas and at a deeper level to create a better future.

This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.