Changle Taige Folk Art Story Included into 2019 "Culture and Natural Heritage Day" Excellent Cases

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On June 8, the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and related institutions announced the 2019 "Culture and Natural Heritage Day" excellent projects in Guangzhou. They involved in three aspects: ICH and tourism integration; national ICH representative project protection practices; and traditional handicraft revitalization.

Three from Hunan were selected, including:
-¡°Changsha ICH Hall Makes ICH Items Come Alive¡±;
-Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) culture (Jiuzhitang TCM culture); and,
-Taige (Changle Taige Folk Art Story).

This year there were 10 excellent ICH-tourism integration projects at national level. Changsha ICH Hall and Yuhua ICH Hall displayed 10 world ICH items such as Chinese calligraphy, paper-cutting and shadow play, and 55 national ICH items like Xiang embroidery, indigo dyeing skills, and Miao embroidery. ICH interiors instructed apprentices about their skills free of charge on the site. Changsha ICH Hall initiated China¡¯s ¡°Intangible Cultural Heritage +¡± mode to make ICH items and their derivatives satisfy modern life and market needs. 

A total of 50 projects in 10 categories were selected for national ICH representative project protection practices. Hunan¡¯s TCM culture (Jiuzhitang TCM culture) and Taige (Changle Taige Folk Art Story) were selected as TCM and folklore cases respectively.

Jiuzhitang has a history of 369 years of traditional Chinese medicine culture. It combines TCM pharmaceutical technology with local conditions, so as to form a unique humanistic spirit, exclusive prescription and TCM processing technology.

Changle Taige Folk Art Story originated from Sui and Tang dynasties, and was popular in Ming and Qing dynasties. It is a traditional folk activity in Changle Town of Miluo City. It is a combination of performances, painting, history, astronomy, geography, literature, people's conditions, and the spirit of the time. In recent years, Changle Town has been striving to make itself a ¡°story town with the most cultural taste in Central and South China¡± on the basis of this folk customs and its cultural tourism industry development plan.