Nearly Ten Billion Spent in Hunan During Dragon Boat Festival Holiday

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The Hunan Dragon Boat Festival Holiday continued to have stable development of culture and tourism with many activities. There were nearly 15 million tourists with a total revenue of nearly 11 billion CNY. Hunan¡¯s 123 provincially-monitored scenic spots had nearly 4 million visitors with total sales of goods, services, and tickets reaching 238 million CNY.

Tourists enjoyed activities with the theme ¡°Qu Yuan Worship Ceremony¡± and there was Dragon Boat racing. Qu Yuan was a patriotic poet of the Warring States Period (475-221 BC).

These activities included singing parties and dragon boat racing in Tongdao Dong Autonomous County, the Tujia¡¯s Sheba Festival held in Longshan County, and Miluo City¡¯s ¡®Our Festival, Dragon Boat Festival¡¯.

Small group and individual tours became more popular and rural tourism continued to boom. There were a large number of self-drive tourists in Dongjiang Lake Scenic Spot, Zhuzhou Fantawild Adventure, and Chinese Ceramic Valley. Ten hiking travel routes are becoming popular for individuals and small group tourism around Huaihua City, Hunan Province. Suburban rural tourism having preferential expenses and various contents were widely welcomed by tourists. Rural scenic spots, such as Paddy Field Park in Anren County, Yueyang Yangque Lake Chili Farm, and Liutang Township Green Farmhouse, were popular among tourists. Traditional folk culture and special rural food experience activities provided by Changsha farms brought great joy to tourists.