Experts Visit Linxiang for ¡°Sino-Russian Tea Road¡± Application for World Heritage Status

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A six-person delegation visited Linxiang City on May 11, to observe and advise on its application of the ¡°Tea Road¡± for the world heritage status. The delegates included Novosibirsk State University World History Department director who is also a counselor of the Sino-Russian Tea Road program, and Liu Zaiqi, director of the Wuhan University Russia and Ukraine Research Center, and a camera crew of micro film ¡°Shanxi Merchant and Tea Road¡±.

The Chinese and Russian experts visited some heritage spots, such as Tongdeyuan Tea House, Fang Xingfa¡¯s Former Residence, Linxiang Tower, and Yongju Tea Industry Co., Ltd. They spoke highly of Linxiang¡¯s efforts in the application preparations, and gave suggestions on thoroughly exploring the connections between the heritage spots and the ¡°Tea Road¡± based on related documents and corresponding objects.

Linxiang was listed as an important site on the ¡°Tea Road¡± Hunan section in July 2016, with Linxiang Tower, and Nieshi Ancient Town nominated as heritage spots. In February 2019, the National Cultural Heritage Administration listed ¡°Tea Road¡± as a Chinese candidate for the world cultural heritage status.

Translator: Pang Yuehui
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