Chinese Brands Day Marked in Hunan

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) displayed at the Chinese Brands Day activity. (Photo/Tang Xiaoqing)

The 2019 Hunan¡¯s Chinese Brands Day activity was held at the Hunan Exhibition Center on May 10. A number of Hunan brands displayed their products, showcasing Hunan¡¯s intelligent manufacturing and culture power.

An embroiderer demonstrates Hunan embroidery skills. (Photo/Tang Xiaoqing)

The Chinese Brands Day falls on May 10 every year. Chinese provinces hold featured activities to mark the day. Hunan¡¯s theme of this year was ¡°strengthening brand construction and promoting Hunan¡¯s high-quality development¡±. Themed exhibition and forums were organized.

The main exhibition covered an area of 1,600 sqm. There were three parts, respectively showing Hunan¡¯s intelligent manufacturing, cultural creation, and people¡¯s wellbeing. Hundreds of Hunan brands and emerging innovative enterprises were displayed.

Hunan¡¯s intelligent manufacturing products are displayed. (Photo/Tang Xiaoqing)

Many world-class Hunan enterprises were present, including Sany, Zoomlion, China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC), and CRRC Zhuzhou Institute. A number of Hunan¡¯s indigenously-developed intelligentized technologies were displayed, such as smart service robots, state-of-the-art intelligent manufacturing products, new materials, and RV Sirenian technology.

Hunan has given priority to developing a cultural powerhouse in recent years. It takes cultural industry as a pillar, and cultural creation a strategic emerging industry. A batch of cultural brands were formed, covering publishing, television programs, performance, and animation.

According to Hunan¡¯s government plans, by 2023, Hunan¡¯s cultural and creative industry will make an output value of more than one trillion CNY, with its added value exceeding 400 billion CNY, and contributing more than 7.5% to the provincial GDP.

At the Huxiang culture exhibition area, Hunan¡¯s cultural and typical industrial representatives were introduced, including Yuelu Mountain University Science and Technology Town, Malanshan ¡°Chinese V-valley¡±, Hunan Arts Press, Golden eagle cartoon, and SMJM Media. The Changsha Xiang Embroidery Research Institution, Hunan Liling Hongguan Kiln and Porcelain Industry Co., Ltd., and Jiangyong Nvshu (women¡¯s script) presented profound Huxiang culture.

Visitors were enabled to try their hands at traditional Hunan embroider, Tujia brocade weaving, and sandstone paintings. Hunan¡¯s food companies provided various snacks, tea, and dishes for free tastes.

At present, Hunan has 402 well-known brands, ranking first in central and western China.