Hunan Pays 1.64 Billion Yuan for Poor Pensioners

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The Work Conference on Poverty Alleviation of Hunan Human Resources and Social Security System was held on March 12, 2019. Last year, 1.64 billion CNY was distributed to 1,227,600 poor pensioners; and 157 million CNY of premiums for pension were paid for 1.73 million eligible urban and rural residents.

At the end of 2017, Hunan issued the ˇ°Opinions on Implementing Social Insurance Oriented Poverty Alleviationˇ±. It completed and implemented relevant policies from the aspects of aged-care, work-related injury, unemployment, and maternity insurances, so as to support the registered poor population, people living on basic allowances, and persons in extreme poverty to join social insurance, and help the insured poor get rid of poverty.

Hunan gives priority to 11 poorer counties while taking advantages of unemployment insurance policy. It increases unemployment insurance allowances and subsidy standards, relaxes restrictions on applying for skill upgrade subsidies, and intensifies unemployment insurance fund adjustment. Efforts have been made to facilitate enterprise development in poorer areas, to reduce unemployed poor labor force.