CCTV Presents Splendid Hunan

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Yueyang Tower

Chenglinji Port

Orange Isle

Mao Zedong¡¯s Shaoshan Residence

Aizhai Grand Bridge

Shibadong Village

Hunan¡¯s splendid landscapes and development achievements were shown in an aerial video program ¡°Magnificent China¡± during the CCTV Primetime News on March 10, 2019.

Along with the background music ¡°I Love You, China¡±, picturesque scenes were shown in sequence: Orange Isle in Changsha; Mao Zedong¡¯s Shaoshan Residence; Xiangxi¡¯s Aizhai Grand Bridge; Shibadong Village, a targeted, poverty alleviation initiative location; and, Yueyang¡¯s Chenglingji Port. After that, several frames displayed Hunan¡¯s notable achievements, including super rice, rail transit, engineering machinery, and intelligent manufacturing.

Hunan makes every effort to construct a magnificent China. Over the past few years, Hunan has achieved notable ecological conservation results. Hunan ranks eighth nationwide in green development. Air environment has maintained good quality 85.4% of the time in the 14 cities and prefecture in 2018, 3.7 percentage points higher than last year.

In 2018, the national celebration for the World Environmental Day on June 5 was held in Changsha. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment and other four Chinese central government offices jointly publicized the ¡°Code of Conduct for Environmental Protection¡±, to call for environment-friendly and low-carbon lifestyle, and public responsibility in ecological environmental protection.


Photo source: CCTV