National-level Artistic Creation Base to Be Built in Yueyang

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On March 8, 2019, Liu Gang, president of the Painting and Calligraphy Academy of the National Museum of China, painter Cui Dongxu visited Yueyang to inspect an artistic creation location.   

The Painting and Calligraphy Academy was an outcome of institutional reform of the National Museum of China in 2018, which also added a new function to the museum - creation. In order to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of speeches to literary and artistic workers, the academy is preparing to set up 10 sketching creation bases nationwide to encourage artists to make innovative creations based on ordinary life and present works on picturesque landscape, people¡¯s life, and social and economic development. It will help carry forward Chinese culture and unite artistic power.

On the same day, Liu Gang and his entourage had field investigations at Yueyang Tower-Junshan Island Scenic Area and East Dongting Lake. They talked with more than 30 local artists. Liu said that Yueyang has a long history and rich culture, and it is also a land with many old revolutionary sites. It is suitable for artistic creation. They all agreed that Yueyang takes advantages in geographical location, creative resources and talents. Establishing an artistic creation base in Yueyang will help promote Huxiang culture. 

Translator: Xiao Juan
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