Best Places to See Canola Flowers

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As spring comes, canola flowers start to bloom around Yueyang suburbs. Visitors can appreciate the flowers while enjoy a feast of local delicacies.

Liangxinbao Town, Junshan District

Liangxinbao Town is at the southwest bank of East Dongting Lake. There are huge canola fields covering more than 40,000 mu (nearly 2,700 ha.). Local residents stage dragon and lion dances, waist drum, and local folk dances in a sea of canola flowers, making a cheerful scene. During the flower season, local agricultural products are popular, including native chicken, eggs, honey, canola oil, spicy bean paste, Baling all-fish feast, and Qianliang Lake ducks.

Flower season: late March to mid-April

Route: The town is 60 km away from the city proper. Visitors may take the shuttle buses to Liangxinbao, Zhushi, Tuanzhou, or Datonghu, at Yueyang Lianyun bus station. Drivers may drive along Yueyua Road and transfer to provincial highway S202.  
Scenic spots: Dongting Lake Bridge, Junshan Island (a AAAAA-class scenic spot), Tuanhu Park (a AAAA-class scenic spot), East Dongting Lake Natural Reserve, and Tianjing Mountain Forest Park

Jiangnan Town, Linxiang 

Jiangnan Town has more than 10,000 mu (667 ha.) of canola fields. When canola flowers bloom, numerous visitors come to appreciate this golden-yellow land, and also the ˇ°three steamed dishesˇ± ¨C steamed meat, fish, and lotus roots.

Flower season: early March to late April
Route: start from Linxiang downtown, drive northward along Linya Road for 25 km (or along Zuinan Road for 33 km), to Jiangnan Town.

Scenic spots: Yangtze River Scenic Belt, Linxiang Tower, Huanggai Lake Wetland Tourism Demonstration Area, and Nieshi Ancient Town

Changshou Town, Pingjiang

Golden canola flowers scatter along the provincial highway S308 until Changshou Town. In addition to the enchanted flower scene, Pingjiang delicacies are mouthwatering: farmhouse ten dishes, pickled smoked bean curd, and noodles with preserved meat.

Flower season: mid-March to mid-April

Route: drive along Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway for 54.9 kms and transfer to provincial highway S308, then drive 40.2 kms to Tianyue Avenue, one km to Changchong Road, 750 meters to Beijing-Guangzhou Highway or national highway G106, 14 kms to provincial highway S308, 33.6 kms to county highway X003, 2 kms to county highway X003, 610 meters and turn left to Gonghe Village

Scenic spots: Red Army Barracks, Former Site of Soviet (a Christianity church), Folk Custom Locale in Guofu Village, and Huangjin River Wetland Park

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