3rd Session of 8th CPPCC Yueyang Municipal Committee Kicks off

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The 3rd session of the 8th CPPCC Yueyang Municipal Committee was inaugurated at the Yueyang Culture and Art Exhibition Center. CPPCC members from all walks of life in Yueyang participated. They will discuss to offer advices on accelerating Hunaní»s new growth pole development, and national regional center construction.  

The leaders present included Liu Hesheng, Li Aiwu, Chen Ailin, Xu Xinchu, Luo Luping, Liu Xiaoying, Li Siqing, Li Ping, Fang Zhengqi, Wan Wulong, Yang Li, Kong Fujian, and Zhang Qunwang.

Translator: Pang Yuehui
Chinese source: yueyang.gov.cn