Hunan¡¯s Reform and Opening up for 40 Years£ºIntegrated Traffic System Basically Takes Shape

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On November 7th, the Information Office of Hunan Provincial People¡¯s Government held the seventh press conference of Hunan province to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up. It describes the development achievements of the reform and opening up of Hunan¡¯s traffic and transportation for the past four decades. At present, Hunan has basically formed an integrated traffic system featuring external and internal connections, coverage of both urban and rural areas and full functions.

By the end of 2017, Hunan province has built 44 expressways and opened 25 provincial highways. The traffic mileage reaches 6,582 kilometers, making Hunan be included among the top five throughout the country. It has completed a total of 31 thousand miles of trunk highways. All of the counties and districts have been accessible by the roads at the second-level or above. The total mileage of rural roads of the whole province has amounted to 202 thousand kilometers. Asphalt (cement) roads have all been fixed in all of the villages, towns, and established villages with qualified requirements. Passenger buses have been available in all of the townships, while the established villages equipped with passenger bus services account for 98.91%. The navigable range of the provincial waterway has totalled 11,968 kilometers, ranking third in the country. The cargo throughput of the ports has risen from 5.482 million tons in 1978 to 292 million tons in 2017, an increase of 52.3 times. There are a total of 23,046 bus passenger terminals and 13,123 passenger transport routes. The number of the operating vehicles has reached 342.7 thousand, that of the ships 5,495, that of the urban buses 27,000, and that of the taxis 35,000.

This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.

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