Hunan Implements Special Pollutant Emission Limits

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The Hunan Ecology and Environment Department recently publicized a Notice regarding Special Emission Limits on Pollutants (first batch), as approved by the Hunan Provincial People¡¯s Government.

The first batch includes pollutant emission standards for Hunan¡¯s 43 regions and industrial sectors.

The special emission limits are categorized by industrial sectors and regions, and will be implemented in steps. For example, 12 mineral resource exploitation counties and regions, such as Lengshuijiang and Changning, will implement emission limits on the industrial pollutants including Pb, Zn, Sn, Sb, and Hg. The notice involves boiler and atmospheric pollution industries, and 13 industrial sectors including non-ferrous metal, electroplating, battery, chemical engineering, pesticide, papermaking, textile, petrochemical engineering, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food, cement, steel, and coking.

From the day the notice was released, new enterprises and projects are to follow these special emission limits. Beginning October 31, 2019, all enterprises should implement these limits. 

The implementation of the special emission limits will help accelerate pollution control improvements and industrial restructuring in relevant industrial sectors, and promote Hunan¡¯s high quality development.