Yueyang Spends 310 Mln Yuan on Drinking Water Safety Improvement

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The Yueyang Water Supplies Bureau (Bureau)announced that, in 2018, Yueyang has spent 310 million Yuan on rural drinkingwater safety improvement for 582,000 rural population. In addition to that of2017, the safe drinking water improvement program has benefited 1.2 millionrural people.

The program is planned to be carried out in2017 and 2018. The 2017¡¯s target of solving drinking water problem for 607,200rural people has been accomplished. By the end of 2017, Yueyang has spent 360million yuan on improving drinking water safety for 618,000 people. The 2018¡¯starget covers 582,000 rural population.

In order to accomplish the target, Yueyanghas taken a series of measures, including stretching main pipes; reconstructingwater works; improving drinking water facility in primary and middle schools;and, establishing water quality upgrade demonstration zones in remote and mountainousareas. Beyond that, related requirements were issued to various levelgovernments on water resource protection, facility completion, water qualitymonitoring, and publicity and education.

In May 7, the Bureau organized ruraldrinking water quality monitoring training on water works over designated size.The Yueyang Rural Drinking Water Quality Inspection Center increased waterquality tests for those water works. A city-wide water quality inspection waslaunched this July. So far, 11 water works over designated size have completedinspection.

A 100-day campaign on rural drinking watersafety improvement was launched at the same time. It requires that substantialresults should be reached in project progress and water quality guaranteewithin 100 days, from June 1 to Sept. 30. In July and September, two specialinspections on water quality improvement were organized towards ability county-levelwater quality inspection center efficiency, and water works operation andself-inspection. The qualification rate of water supplies in Yueyang¡¯s ruralareas have grown steadily. 

Translator: Pang Yuehui
Chinese source: hunan.sina.com.cn