The First ¡°Healthy Hunan¡± Provincial Games Kicks off

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On June 10, the opening ceremony of the First "Healthy Hunan" Provincial Game was held in Yueyang, Hunan. Nearly 10,000 people from 13 cities and one prefecture across the province performed square dance to advocate national fitness.

The Games was hosted by the Hunan Provincial People's Government and organized by the Hunan Provincial Sports Bureau. It has three categories and 26 events, including square dance, healthy run, and chess.

It is learned that the Games will be promoted in Hunan¡¯s 13 cities and one prefecture for the first time. The preliminary contests are scheduled to be held from April to July; the qualification contests from August to September; the final and closing ceremony (award ceremony) from October to November. The Games will be held every two years from now on.

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