Hunan to Develop Indigenous Drinking Water Brand

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The Hunan Natural Drinking Water Industrial Association announced on January 10 that, 33 natural drinking water suppliers will collaborate in founding an indigenous drinking water brand, and work together to upgrade Hunan¡¯s natural drinking water industry.

Hunan is a major producer of natural drinking water, with 417 standard mineral water sources in all cities and prefecture. There are three main categories: mineral water, purified water, and spring water.

However, Hunan lags behind in developing drinking water industry, and owns few drinking water brand.

Hunan Natural Drinking Water Industrial Association Secretary-general Zhang Fan introduced that, the Hunan authorities have paid attention to developing natural drinking water industry. The Hunan Development and Reform Commission, Hunan Department of Civil Affairs, and Hunan Food and Drug Administration jointly issued the policies to promote natural drinking water industry development. A unified resource platform and a set of unified production standards will be established under the instruction of the Association, in order to create a Hunan-based water brand.

According to the plan, Hunan¡¯s indigenous water brand ¡°Qin Xiao Xiang¡± will appear on the market in later March. The first batch of 1,000 shops will open, supported by complete storage and logistics systems. By 2020, the supply will cover more than 90% Hunan cities and counties.

Translator: Pang Yuehui 
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