Linxiang Chrysanthemum Exhibition

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Duration: Starting from October 30
Venue: Linxiang Chrysanthemum Garden

An Exhibition on Works of National Chrysanthemum Masters is being held in Linxiang Chrysanthemum Garden starting from October 30, 2021.

Linxiang Chrysanthemum Garden covers an area of 600 mu (40 ha.). There are 1,300 varieties of chrysanthemum. With a total investment of more than 23 million yuan, the garden is equipped with a 50-mu (3.3-ha.) children's playground, a 40-mu (2.7-ha.) parent-child picking area, a food street, and exhibition areas to display Dutch-style windmills, bicycles, and chrysanthemum culture. During the blooming season of chrysanthemums, it is one of the best places for flower photography, flower expo and chrysanthemum tea tasting.

In recent years, Linxiang City has extensively cultivated different varieties of chrysanthemum on farmlands in the east of a sightseeing agriculture park based on greenhouse technologies. It aims to build an ornamental chrysanthemum garden integrating planting, trade, exhibition, and sightseeing. The garden features a flower scientific research area, a flower exhibition and trade area, and a themed flower viewing area, so as to meet the goals of industrial development and sightseeing needs of tourists. 

Translator: Xiao Juan
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