2021 ¡°Taste of Hunan¡± Yueyang Gourmet Food Season

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Duration: Sept.-Dec.
Venue: Yueyang

The 2021 ¡°Taste of Hunan¡± Yueyang Gourmet Food Season will be launched in early September and last until late December.

The Yuyeang Gourmet Food Season will follow the arrangements of the Hunan provincial organizing committee of the 2021 ¡°Taste of Hunan¡± Event.

It will adhere to the ¡°government-led, industry-guided, enterprise-dominated, and market-oriented¡± principle, and aim to seek gourmet food in Yueyang, explore Yueyang culture, reinforce Yueyang cuisine industry, and boost consumption in urban and rural areas. Both online and offline activities, and professional tasting and public evaluation will be held to select a number of authentic Yueyang dishes, cooks, and restaurants and cultivate Yueyang quality ingredients with sustainable supply, guaranteed quality, and traceable origins. Publicity activities will be held in star-rated hotels, featured streets and neighborhoods, featured towns, recommended travel routes, and large-scale events, to achieve the target of bringing one hundred cooks into urban areas, one thousand dishes into competition, and spurring consumption among the public. The gourmet food season will help boost integration of domestic and foreign trade, as well as the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries.

Translator: Xiao Juan
Chinese source: yueyang.gov.cn