Yueyang Opens Public Venues and Scenic Areas with Strict Anti-epidemic Measures

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File photo: hunan.gov.cn

Though the COVID-19 epidemic is leveling off in Hunan Province, the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is still severe and complicated. The Delta variant is highly contagious, has short incubation period, and is easier to make people sick. On August 21, the Yueyang City COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Center announced that Yueyang City will continue to take strict epidemic prevention and control measures to prevent import of cases and resurgence of infections and consolidate hard-won gains in controlling the coronavirus.

Starting from August 21, entertainment venues, scenic spots, and crowded indoor places could resume operation once they can meet the requirements of the guidelines of COVID-19 prevention and control measures for resumption of work.

The guidelines are as follows:

Do good job on management and screening of people entering key places.

Medical institutions at all levels must continue to take strict epidemic prevention and control measures, including taking temperature and checking heath QR codes of anyone entering the medical institutions, asked them to wear masks, and implement strict measures on accompanying visits to prevent hospital infections.

All drugstores must register the information of those who buy antibiotics and medications for cough, fever and fighting viruses.

Key places such as nursing homes, schools, supervision areas, restaurants, and hotels should take temperature and health monitoring and check visitors¡¯ vaccination records.

Agricultural markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, delivery companies, and cold-chain goods production, processing, and logistics enterprises should implement health monitoring for employees and require them to wear masks.

Environmental monitoring will be strengthened in key places. Times for cleaning and disinfection will be enhanced in key public places such as railway stations, high-speed railway stations, bus stations, airport, shopping malls, and supermarkets; logistics transportation; and, delivery vehicles. Centralized quarantine facilities are ordered to launch a nucleic acid testing once a week during operation period.

Translator: Xiao Juan
Chinese source: yueyang.gov.cn