Changle Taigei Stories to Be Promoted Online During Holiday Season

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The Spring Festival and Lantern Festival are important traditional festivals of the Chinese people. The Intangible Cultural Heritage Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will launch a series of online activities promoting intangible Chinese cultural heritage during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival this year from February 11 to 26. 

Offline cultural events nationwide will be documented and shared on short-video and livestreaming platforms, showcasing local festival celebrations and helping those unable to reunite with their families during the holidays to overcome homesickness.

Ten festive events from Hunan were selected, including Tantou woodcut New Year pictures, Nanyue Temple Fair, Huogongdian Restaurant Temple Fair, Changle Taige stories, Yizhang Night stories, Lusheng Festival of Miao and Dong ethnic groups, Rucheng incense dragon dance, Chengbu hanging dragon dance, New Year Celebrations of Tujia ethnic group, and, Qianzhou Spring Festival celebrations.

The event of ˇ°Changle Taige storiesˇ± is the only one selected in Yueyang.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism said that the videos are posted and shared on major social media such as video-sharing platform TikTok to promote traditional Chinese culture.

Translator: Xiao Juan

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Photo source: Yueyang Daily