2020 Hunan Fitness-for-All Challenges (Yueyang Stop)

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The 2020 Hunan Fitness-for-All Challenges (Yueyang Stop) was launched on the Nanhu Square on November 14. Thousands of people participated. On that day, individual, group, and creative sports events were held.

The event is guided by the Mass Sports Department of General Administration of Sport of China, hosted by the All-China Sports Federation and Hunan Sports Bureau. It is promoted by the Yueyang Education and Sports Bureau, Sports Media Group Co., Ltd., and a Beijing sports culture company, and organized by a Yueyang sports company.

The 2020 Hunan Fitness-for-All Challenges adopts a mode of ¡°the final + sub-venue competitions¡± based on new technologies such as Internet, cloud computing, and big data. Sub-venue competitions are being held in Hunan¡¯s 13 cities and one prefecture. The final competition will be held in Hengyang on November 29. Sports delegations from 13 cities and one prefecture, and one online team will participate.

Translator: Xiao Juan
Chinese source: yueyang daily