Book Touring Exhibition

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A book touring exhibition at Chengnanhe Square.

Donation ceremony.

Citizens select books.

Duration: September 9-20
Venue: Chengnanhe Square, Yueyang County

On September 9, a book touring exhibition to promote nationwide reading and assist poorer students kicked off at Chengnanhe Square, Yueyang County. The exhibition was hosted by the Publicity Department of the CPC Yueyang County Committee and the Yueyang County Bureau of Education and Sports, and organized by China Post Group Yueyang County Branch. The 12-day event will last till September 20.

During the launching ceremony, various types of books involving culture, history, classic of Chinese studies, and literary masterpieces were on display.

All books are sold in the mode of ¡°buy 2 and get 5 free¡±. Those who have teaching credential, medical personnel work permit, or 2,000 points in their Xuexi Qianguo app could buy 2 and get 6 free. China Post Group Yueyang County Branch donated 3,500 books and 100 school bags to students in poverty-stricken mountainous areas.

Translator: Xiao Juan
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