Yueyang Solicits Opinions on Public Transportation

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Prioritizing public transportation helps relieve urban traffic pressure and improve bus service. It has become an important measure to ease traffic jam and public concern. On July 3, the CPPCC Yueyang Municipal Committee joined hands with the Yueyang Public Transportation Group to launch an activity to solicit opinions on public transportation by scanning QR code. The event has attracted much attention and active participation of the public.

The theme of the event is to "prioritize urban buses, improve bus service quality, and create a civilized travel environment¡±. It will last for 2 months, starting from July 1, 2020 to August 31. Person in charge of the Yueyang Public Transportation Group noted that citizens can make suggestions in the following five main aspects:
--bus ride environment, service quality, the setting of stations, and bus departure time in the main urban area;
--BRT lanes on Yueyang Avenue, Baling Avenue, and Nanhu Avenue;
--bus parking lots and routes;
--suggestions on how to encourage citizens to take buses, increase the use of buses to alleviate urban traffic congestion during commuting;
--views and suggestions on the current status of Yueyang public transport development and bus-prioritized policies.

At present, posters with QR code have been posted in all bus stations, and citizens can scan the code to participate; in addition, citizens can also visit the CPPCC Yuyenag Municipal Committee cloud platform and scan the code to participate.

Translator: Xiao Juan
Chinese source: hunan.voc.com.cn

Photo source: Yueyang Daily