Shiniuzhai Resort Glass-bottomed Bridge

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Real-name Ticketing

The Shiniuzhai Resort glass-bottomed bridge reopened on February 24. During the duration of the epidemic, all visitors are required to have real-name ticketing, wear masks, and have their temperatures taken before entrance. Ten measures to be implemented, including online appointment, admission during different time periods, and keeping more than 1.5-meter distance with others.

Between February 24 and March 8, free haircuts will be offered at the resort!

Preferential policies:

Between February 24 and December 31, families of soldiers in service can enjoy a one-time free entrance.

Between February 24 and April 30, veterans can enjoy a one-time free entrance with valid certificates such as certificate of officer/military discharge and personal identity card; or, certification issued by units at and above county or regiment level.

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