May Day Holiday Celebrations at Yueyang Tower Scenic Area

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This year Yueyang Tower will hold many interactive activities to celebrate the May Day holiday between May 1 and 4. The events were jointly planned by Yueyang Tower Scenic Area and ULER Yueyang Cultural Creativity. 

The events will be divided into four parts, including ¡°a prize-giving quiz¡±, ¡°audio postcards¡±, ¡°a 1.2-meter-long painting exhibition¡±, and ¡°a carpentry workshop¡±, to display the history and culture of Yueyang Tower through texts, pictures, and audio and video files. Visitor may have a Yueyang Tower immersion trip while making a customized record on site and experiencing tenon-and-mortise objects and movable-type printing.

Translator: Xiao Juan
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