Shiniuzhai National Day Carnivals

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Various activities at Shiniuzhai hot scenic spots are in full swing.

1.Glass Skywalk

2. Swinging Bridge

3.Each Step is Startling: Standing above a 180-meter drop height, you must pick up moon cakes, cash red packets, and retrieve other gifts while on tiptoe.

4.Swinging Cliff

5. Via Ferrata (Ironroad) Rock Climbing

It is a thrilling journey! Conquering the cliff and standing on the top of the mountain overlooking the world is a wonderful experience! DonĄ¯t miss it!

6.Proclamation Fountain

7.Natianl Day Holiday Challenge Game

Press the red button to start the challenge. When the number is close to 10.1, let go and win a free cable car downward ride ticket.

8.Peach Garden

Shiniuzhai GeoparkĄ¯s Most romantic scenic spot

9.Decorated Boat Cruise

10. Campfire Party and Guess the Riddles

11.Beautiful Scenes at Shiniuzhai Geopark

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