2018 Hunan (Yueyang) Crayfish Industry Expo

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The 2018 Hunan (Yueyang) Crayfish Industry Expo will take place between June 25 and 30. The attendees will include crayfish catering companies, distributors, processors, farmers, aquaculture experts, and industry association representatives from inside and outside the province.

The Expo is sponsored by the Yueyang Municipal Peopleí»s Government, and organized by the Bureau of Commerce and Grain of Yueyang and the Yueyang Agriculture Committee.

The event aims to promote brand-making, marketing, and development of crayfish industry, and boost the cityí»s rural vitalization, consumption expansion, and supply-side structural reform implementation.

The opening ceremony will be held at Yueyang Hotel, and the main venue will be located at Yueyang Haijixing Agricultural Product Logistics Park (Yueyang Haijixing International Agricultural Products Market Development Co., Ltd.).

The theme is í░nutritious crayfish nurtured by high-quality water, and marketed internationally by credibility.í▒

Six events will be held during the Expo, including Yueyang crayfish industry investment attraction, Yueyang crayfish industry development forum, field inspections, an opening ceremony, and crayfish tasting, Yueyang agricultural products fair, and crayfish-themed food festival.

Translator: Xiao Juan 

Photo source: yueyang.gov.cn  

Chinese source: yueyang.gov.cn