Yueyang Tea Expo

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Eight Yellow Tea brands from China's traditional yellow tea-growing areas are expected to shine at the 2018 National (Yueyang) Yellow Tea Competition and Yueyang Tea Expo on May 25 to showcase charm of Chinese Yellow Tea, according to the Hunan Tea Industry Association and the Yueyang Tea Industry Association.

Chinese Yellow Tea blends exquisite craftsmanship into high quality. Featuring yellow color, rich fragrance, and sweet and mellow taste, it is dubbed "Golden Flower in Tea". In order to promote the development of Chinese Yellow Tea industry, relevant governments and enterprises are playing an active role in getting eight brands of Yellow Tea fully displayed in Yueyang. The brands are the Yueyang Yellow Tea, the Mengding Yellow Tea, the Huoshan Yellow Tea, the Pingyang Yellow Tea, the Mogan Yellow Tea, the YuanĄŻan Yellow Tea, the Guangdong Dayeqing, and the Duyun Yellow Tea. By then, the China Yellow Tea Industry Federation joint conference will be held to seek common development of the industry. Representatives including two national tea research institutes, three provincial ones, four agricultural colleges and universities, five major tea industry organizations, and six yellow tea growing area governments of Yueyang, YaĄŻan, LiuĄŻan, Pingyang, Deqing, and YuanĄŻan will attend.

Translator: Chen Yu
Chinese source: yueyang.gov.cn