China Cup IntĄŻl Orienteering Tour Race

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Yueyang Nanhu Stop of the 2017 China Cup International Orienteering Tour Race was grandly unveiled at Fisherman's Wharf in Nanhu New Area on the morning of Oct. 28. It offers a fantastic feast with a combination of tourism, sports, and activities. Municipal officials including Xu Xinchu, Peng Xianzheng, Li Wei, and Yu Yuelan attended the opening ceremony.

The stop is the third leg of the tour, following Nanjing's Niushou Mountain and Liaoning's Anshan. More than 5,000 players from home and abroad participated in the race. Various distinctive tracks for the race have been designed so as to enable players to appreciate unique charm of YueyangĄŻs Nanhu. The tracks are blended with landform sceneries and historical marks of Zijing Dyke, Sheng'an Temple, Jiuyan Bridge, and Mizi Kingdom Historic Site.

The 2017 China Cup International Orienteering Tour Race is a new high-end event this year, integrating sports, intellectual education, culture and tourism. It aims to become China's top national outdoor sports event. Meanwhile, it serves as the first sports tourism brand in scenic areas. It is not only a national event with a participation of tens of thousands of people, but also an international one on a mission to promote sustainable development of sports outdoor tourism.

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