Single Window Set up for Foreigner¡¯s Work Permit and Residence Permit

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An integrated platform¡ªa single window offering services for foreigners to obtain their work and residence permits has been put into operation, in Yueyang on September 17, 2021.

The service window is located in the reception hall of the Population and Exit-Entry Administration Detachment of Yueyang Public Security Bureau.  Yueyang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and Yueyang Municipal Public Security Bureau initiated the building of a "one-stop" service window for foreigners in Yueyang, which enables them to have their applications submitted, work permits and residence permits renewed or extended.

According to the requirements of the Notice on Establishing a One-stop Window for Foreigners' Work Permit and Residence Permit in Hunan issued by the Hunan Provincial Department of Public Security and Hunan Provincial Department of Science and Technology, an integrated platform offering work permit and residence permit services was set up to provide single window services for foreigners working in Yueyang. Through the single window, the applicants can obtain both the work and residence permits within 15 working days.

It effectively integrates resources and shortens the processing time, improves the quality and efficiency of government services, further improves the city's business environment. Meanwhile, it provides more convenience for foreigners to start a business, work or live in Yueyang.

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