Marriage registration

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Administration of marriages is handled by Hunan provincial Civil Affairs Bureau (Minzheng Ju)

The persons marrying must be of marriageable age: for men that is 22 years or older and for women 20 years or older, except that persons may marry younger with parental permission.  Persons must not be married to another person at the time of marriage: having more than one husband or wife in any country is not permitted under Chinese law.  Marriages can only be between a male and a female, not two persons of the same gender.

The Marriage Application

The application is equivalent to a civil marriage in many western countries but it is entirely administrative, there is no ceremony at all.  The event normally takes well under one hour, sometimes as short as 15 minutes.

Registration for Marriage of a Foreigner and a Hunanese

Accepting Department: Department of Civil Affairs of Hunan Province
Responsible Department: Department of Civil Affairs of Hunan Province
Charge£ºCost for a pair of certificates of registration of marriage: RMB 9 Yuan
Charging Basis: Notification on Items and Standards of Administrative Charges in Civil Affairs System by National Price Bureau and Ministry of Finance [1992] Charging No. 249
Form Download: Declaration for Marriage Registration Application
Office Time: 8:00 am~12:00 am and 2:30 pm~5:30 pm from Monday to Friday (not including legal festivals and holidays)
Tel: 0731-84502080
Office Address: Department of Civil Affairs of Hunan Province, 276 Dongfeng Road, Changsha, Hunan
Bus Route: Take buses No. 136, No. 112, No. 146, No. 150, No. 901 and No. 302 to Xiadalong and get off, forward about 150 meters.

Required Materials
1. A resident of Hunan Province:
(1) The original and copy of the residence registration;
(2) The original and copy of resident identification card;
(3) Signed statement to prove that the resident has no spouse and is not a lineal relative or collateral relative by blood up to the third degree of kinship of the other party.
2. A foreigner:
(1) The original and copy of the effective passport or other effective international travel documents;
(2) The statement provided by the notary organization or other entitled organizations of the residence country and notarized by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in the residence country or notarized by the Embassy or Consulate General of the residence country in China to prove that the resident has no spouse, or the statement provided by the Embassy or Consulate General of the residence country in China to prove that the resident has no spouse.
Any document provided by a country that has no diplomatic relations with China shall be notarized by the Embassy or Consulate General in the country of a third country that has diplomatic relations with both the country and China and also by the Chinese the Embassy or Consulate General in the third country, or notarized by the Embassy or Consulate General of the third country in China.
Both parties shall submit three recent 2-inch half-length bareheaded joint photos. 

Marriage registration shall follow the procedures of first review, acceptance, checkup and registration (issuing the certificate):
1. First review: To check if both parties have all the necessary relevant certificates and documents and if the applied item is within
the term of reference of the Department; when the certificates and documents are not complete, the applicants shall be informed on the spot.

2. Acceptance:
(1) To ask the parties if they consent to get married;
(2) If they do consent, each of them is to fill in a copy of Statement of Marriage Registration Application.

3. Checkup:
The registrar is to check the certificates and statements submitted by both parties to make sure they meet the requirements and fill in the Form for Marriage Registration Checkup and the marriage certificate.

4. Registration:

The registrar shall check over the marriage certificate carefully after filling is completed.

5. Issuing the certificate:
(1) To verify the names, birthdays and marriage wish of both parties;
(2) To inform both parties of their legal nexus and their rights and obligations after they get the marriage certificate;
(3) To witness that both parties sign their names themselves in "signature or fingerprint of parties getting the marriage certificate" of the Form for Marriage Registration Checkup;
(4) To issue the marriage certificate to each party and announce to both parties that they have got the marriage certificate and are a couple now;
(5) To give best wishes to their marriage.

In addition, both partners applying for marriage registration shall also present the pre-marital health check-up report signed and issued by a hospital designated by the marriage registration office. Upon confirming that the application conforms to the Marriage Law of the People's Republic of China and to the required procedures, the registration office shall give the applicants the permission to register and complete the registration process within one month. Once the registration is completed, the married couple will be issued a marriage certificate. 

Updated on Oct. 28th, 2016


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