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A foreign national holding a D, Z, X or J-1 visa should initiate residence formalities with the Entry and Exit Administration Department of Hunan Provincial Public Bureau or Local Bureau within 30 days of his or her arrival in China.

A foreign national who is taking up employment and filling a position in China should initiate residence formalities with the Entry and Exit Administration Department of Public Security Bureau in Hunan local city by presenting his or her "Z" visa and his or her "Alien Work Permit" issued by the labor authority or "Foreign Expert Certificate" issued by the Foreign Experts Bureau.

To obtain a residence permit, the applicant should answer all questions asked and provide the following documents:

1. The original and one photocopy of his or her valid passport and visa;

2. A Completed Foreign National Visa and Residence Application Form, with a recent 2-inch photo attached (full face without hat);

3. The Overseas Personnel Temporary Accommodation Form issued by the local police station (this requirement is not applicable to those staying in international student buildings on campus and hotels);

4. An original Health Certificate issued by Hunan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau;

5. Other certification and documentation required for residence.

The following foreign nationals are exempted from employment permits:

2. Laborers of foreign nationalities who hold a Permit for Foreign Nationals to Engage in Offshore Oil Operations in the People's Republic of China, those engaging in offshore oil operations are not obligated to come ashore but must possess special skills;

3. Foreign nationals who hold a Temporary Commercial Performance Permit issued by the Ministry of Culture and who are engaged in commercial cultural performances.


During his/her residence in China, if a foreign national is found to carry a disease which would have disqualified him or her from entry into China, the Chinese health authority may request the public security authority to order the foreign national to leave China before said residence permit expires.

A foreign national who has settled in a certain area in China and wishes to relocate elsewhere in China should apply for a relocation approval with the public security bureau of his or her intended destination, and complete the relocation formalities according to the procedures set forth in the preceding paragraph.

To protect national security, public order or other public interests, public security bureaus at the city and county levels may prohibit foreign nationals and foreign organizations from setting up residences and offices in certain areas.

Parents of a foreigner born in China or their appointed agent should initiate registration formalities with the local public security bureau by presenting the baby's birth certificate within one month of birth.

The family of a foreign national who dies in China or the appointed custodian or their agent, should present the death certificate and surrender the residence permit or visa of the deceased to the local public security bureau within three days of the death.

Foreign nationals aged 16 and upwards who stay or reside in China should carry the originals of their residence permits or passports with them at all times and present them for inspection when required.

A foreign national who wishes to stay or reside in China after his or her visa or residence permit expires should apply for an extension of said visa or residence permit before its expiry. 1. Foreign technical and managerial personnel directly recruited and paid by the Chinese Government and those who are recruited and paid by national authorities and institutions, possess advanced technical qualifications or special skills certificates issued by a national or international authoritative technology administration agency or industry association, and hold a Foreign Expert Certificate issued by the Foreign Experts Bureau.

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China Updates Visas and Residence Permit

China is to update its foreigner visa, group visa and residence permit from June 1, 2019.

Bureaus of exit and entry administration across the country will in the meantime stop issuing the current versions of the foreigner visa, tourist visa to special economic zone, group visa and residence permit.

The new design features an adjusted layout, column setting and machine-readable code, while the new foreigner visa and residence permit cards will also feature a color profile picture of the holder.

Application requirements, processes, standards, charging items and inspections remain unchanged, and previously issued visas remain valid, according to the administration.


Updated on June 10, 2019