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Required Documents

1. Your valid and actual passport with blank visa pages and at least 6-month period of validity (counting from the day you submit the application);

2. Fill in the Visa Application Form, attached with three passport photos of 2-inch (recently taken, white background, bareheaded and full-faced);

3. The registration voucher of residence for visitors from overseas (issued by the local police station or hotels);

4. If you were born in China and then join the foreign nationality, for the first time you apply for the visa, the original Chinese passport (original or the copy) should be required.

The applicant may apply for visas of single entry, double entry or multiple entries according to requirements. The applicants below can apply for multiple-entry visa to China available for two years:

(1) Foreign Chinese people;

(2) Foreign spouse and children of a Chinese citizen (the original and photocopy of relevant Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Kinship Certificate and other necessary documents are needed);

(3) Temporary foreign visitors with a valid native visa or foreign residents with legitimate status in your own country, may apply for Chinese visa to the Visa Office of the Chinese Embassy.

Note: Please fill in the visa application form faithfully, completely and clearly, or possibly your visa application will be refused and accordingly make your oversea trip protracted.


The applicant can handle the visa personally, or entrust other people, travel agency and visa handling agency to transact the visa he wants according to different consular jurisdiction of the embassies or consulate-general.

1. Make an appointment ahead of time is NOT needed;

2. Visa application by mail is not accepted, but the postal service back to you is provided;

3. The normal processing time for handle the visa generally is 5working days.

Validity and Duration of Stay

1. VISA, MasterCard, Money Order, Cashier's check, Company's Check and Cash are all accepted (based on the written stipulation), but TCG suggests you'd better pay for the visa expense by cash due to the actual experience;

2. Usually the validity of a Single Entry or Double Entry ¡°L¡± visa is 90 or 180 days, counting from the first day after your arrival in China. The visa issuing officials may properly extend the duration time according to the applicant's request and need.

Visa Extension

According to the Article 29  of the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic of China adopted on June 30, 2012, where the duration of stay needs to be extended, the visa holder shall file an application with the exit-entry administration of public security organ under the local people¡¯s government at or above the county level in the place of his stay seven days prior to the expiry of the duration specified in the visa, and shall submit information of specific application matters in accordance with relevant requirements. If upon examination, the reasons for extension are appropriate and sufficient, such extension shall be granted; if an extension is denied, the foreigner shall leave China on the expiry of the duration.

1.Who may apply for the visa extension?

In normal cases, the applicant should come in person to the exit-entry administration authorities to submit the application. However, in any of the following cases, the applicant can have others (the inviting unit or individual, the applicant¡¯s relatives) or an agency submit the application on his/her behalf:

1) The applicant is under 16 or more than 60 years old, or with mobility difficulties due to diseases or other reasons.

2) The applicant is not a first-time visitor to China and has a good stay or residence record for the past visits.

3) There is an inviting unit or individual funding the applicant¡¯s visit.

2.When to apply for visa extension?

The applicant shall submit an application for visa extension at least 7 days before the visa expires. If it¡¯s too late, the applicant may overstay and is subject to a fine and possible deportation.

3.Where to apply for visa extension?

The applicant shall file an application for visa extension with the exit-entry administration of public security organ under the local people¡¯s government at or above the county level in the place of his stay.

4.What materials are required for visa extension?

To apply for the visa extension, the applicant shall go through the following procedures and submit relevant materials.

(1) Present his or her valid passport, or other international travel certificates;

(2) Fill in a visa application form for foreigners, and submit a recently-taken color photo which is 33 mm (width) by 48 mm (height) in size with white background;

(3) Provide supporting materials justifying the reason for the visa extension; and,

(4) Perform other procedures and submit other materials required.

Documents required for visa extension

The foreigner who wishes to extend his/her visa shall apply for such extension to the exit/entry administration department of the local public security bureau 7 days before the expiration date and provide required supporting documents when submitting such application:

The L visa holder shall submit his/her tour itinerary. Package tourists are also required to provide supporting documents provided by the travel agency. The extension will not exceed 30 days.

The extended duration of stay will not exceed the original duration of stay specified on the visa.

Handling Authority: Public Security Organs at or above the Municipal Level

The Yueyang Municipal Public Security Bureau

Add.: No. 188, Xueyuan Road, Yueyanglou District, Yueyang City

Tel: 0730-8619238; 0730-8619011

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China Updates Visas and Residence Permit

China is to update its foreigner visa, group visa and residence permit from June 1, 2019 the National Immigration Administration announced Friday.

Bureaus of exit and entry administration across the country will in the meantime stop issuing the current versions of the foreigner visa, tourist visa to special economic zone, group visa and residence permit.

The new design features an adjusted layout, column setting and machine-readable code, while the new foreigner visa and residence permit cards will also feature a color profile picture of the holder.

Application requirements, processes, standards, charging items and inspections remain unchanged, and previously issued visas remain valid, according to the administration.


Updated on Dec. 3, 2019