Dongting Whitebait

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Dongting whitebait, often dubbed as noodle fish for its noodle-like shape, is about 66 centimeters long. Without fish scale and bones, its body looks as lucent and white as silver. It is a precious fish species enjoying high reputation at home and abroad. Boasting high nutritional value, Dongting whitebait can both tonify Yin and replenish the kidneys. According to the legend, Emperors Yongzheng and Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty once tasted the fish when visiting the south regions of the Yangtze River. In 1918, the fish was listed as one of the world-famous products at Panama International Famous Products Fair.

In addition to tender meat and rich protein, the fish is good for the health of stomach and kidneys. The best ways to cook fresh and delicious whitebait are to fry with pork oil or to boil soup with lean meat or eggs. Dried whitebait can be equally cooked with special flavor. The dish called ¡°Mixed Whitebait¡± which is usually served at Yueyang banquets has enjoyed wide popularity due to its delicious taste. So don¡¯t forget to have a taste of whitebait if you ever have the chance to visit Junshan and Yueyang.